In the name of Allah the most Merciful the most beneficial

Praise be to God and prayers and peace be upon the prophet and messenger Mohammed, peace be upon him :

The Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said: “ If the son of Adam dies, his work is cut off except from three:  ongoing charity, a knowledge that is being beneficial, or a righteous child who pray for him “  Narrated by Muslim.

Waqf without a doubt is an ongoing charity and a permanent and unremitting reward.

 Jaber may Allah be pleased with him said: “None of the companions of the Prophet  - peace and blessings of Allah be upon him - had the ability and did not do Waqf ".

 It was narrated that Zayd Ibn Thabit -may Allah be pleased with him said: “ We have not seen anything better for the deceased or the living than this Waqf, As for the deceased, he is being rewarded for it. And as for the living, His Waqf is not given, nor inherited nor can it be consumed “.

And know my Muslim brother that what you give for the sake of God as charity is an ongoing one,  and its the real investment that you taste its sweet benefits in this life and the hereafter.

Vision and Mission


To help develop the economic and charitable movement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and contribute to raising the standard of living of individuals and society.


Contribute to the sustainable development of society through the establishment and support of developing projects and charity with a strategic dimension and high quality and tangible impact.

Explanation The Vision

We are in the management of Salem bin Hamoud Al Khudran and his sons seek to provide a distinctive model for the role of Awqaf in contributing to the development of society and the individual, in order to develop the national economy through charitable works ...

1. Strategic plans will be created to develop the Waqf to reach our vision.

2. We will create an environment that is effective and committed to transparency and keen to protect public and private rights.

3 - Provide specialized cadres to manage, develop , and invest Waqf in various disciplines required , and training and rehabilitation to be able to manage the Waqf.

4. We will promote income sustainability through project self-sustainability, taking advantage of all available resources.

5. The priority will be to apply all of  the provisions mentioned in the principles of the Waqf contract .

6 - Appling the principles of governance in the Waqf such as accounting ,monitoring , integrity and transparency to gain the desired fruit of the Waqf.

7. Establishing a risk management department.

8 - activate quality management to the fullest specifications to ensure successful work.


We seek at the management of  the Awqaf of Salem bin Hamoud and his sons  to achieve the following aims:

1. Developing and maintaining the assets listed under the principles of the Waqf.

2 - distributing  the waqf yield in the places specified by the waqf owner in the Waqf principles, the most important of which are the aspects of righteousness and good.

3. Ensuring sustainability, prosperity and development of endowment assets.

Mosque Building Program
Itikaaf in bin Abdul Wahab Mosque
Science and Education Students Program
The prisoner release program
Program of drilling of drinking wells
Program for the care of poor families and orphans
Donation program for offices of advocacy and guidance
Program of livelihood sent to the Hijaz
Ramadan Aid and fasting
Monthly Sponsorship and Treatment Assistance Program
Program of Hajj and Umrah and sacrifice
Quran memorization programs

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